The Author

Leo Pitts was born into a committed Catholic family – one of seven kids growing up in the rough and tumble of the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. He made a good altar boy, and his parents hoped he would make an even better priest. Leo showed great promise at the seminary and was selected to finish his studies in Rome. But the journey turned out to be his Catholic undoing as he witnessed lifestyle excesses at the Vatican and felt shockingly out of place.

Leo made his way back to Melbourne by ship, then embarked on a new life working many different jobs, including taxi driver, builder’s labourer, high-school teacher, farmer and small-business owner. Today Leo lives on a hill above the Southern Ocean, in a patch of scrub shared with wallabies, koalas, kangaroos and about 2000 native trees he has planted. Every morning he walks to the top of the block and communes with God and all the wonders of nature. Leo is passionate about presenting a no-nonsense story of Jesus.