The Carpenter

Jesus was a great storyteller – like an Irish seanchaí. Over two millenniums, his message has been encumbered with layers of translation and theology. The Carpenter sets out to pare these layers back, presenting the stories of Yeshua with purity and simplicity.

Jesus arrived on earth for the benefit of everyone. The ultimate humanitarian, his teachings were centered around everyday issues, with no gender bias. He had many female friends, including Joanna, Mary, Susanna and the sisters of Lazarus. His message was all inclusive, and this book sets out to restore that balance.

The narratives of the four evangelists – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – have been pieced together to flow as a single chronicle. Readers will find a straightforward introduction to the Gospel that is easy to digest, and accessible to modern people living busy lives. These are the meaningful stories of Jesus, and the message of the love of God.